A wellness solution that is as simple as air miles for health, but with all the potential to change our lives for the better.


Vitality: an innovative solution

Designed by Discovery Limited in South Africa, Vitality is an internationally-recognized wellness solution, based on scientific principles.

We have clinically proven that Vitality members who actively use the program live longer and have lower health care costs than non-Vitality members.

Built on the principles of behavioral economics, Vitality encourages positive and sustained behavior change. It uses knowledge tools, access to wellness partners and financial incentives that increases the more people take part in the program.


The challenge

Three mega trends are impacting social security and financial systems


Non-communicable diseases

Three preventable lifestyle behaviors – physical inactivity, poor nutrition and smoking – lead to an increased risk of getting a chronic illness. Preventive measures to address these lifestyle behaviors can significantly reduce the impact of these illnesses on individuals, communities and economies.

Health care costs continue to escalate at an unacceptable rate

Industries that depend heavily on scarce skills, for example doctors, often don’t benefit from the introduction of new technologies as cost-efficiencies are not realized. This characteristic – termed the Baumol effect – explains why the health care industry experiences inflation far higher than the consumer price inflation.

The insurance industry is receptive to innovation

The financial crisis has also resulted in increased capital requirements, leading to a potential erosion of profits. Innovation and the ability to manage and price risk more accurately are crucial for relevance and profit in the insurance industry.

The Vitality Solution

Groundbreaking techniques to encourage healthy lifestyle changes

Vitality was designed to help individuals take an active interest in their health management. At the heart of Vitality lies an innovative approach to encouraging behavior change. It integrates health behavior and covers the complete healthcare spectrum – ranging from lifestyle modification and preventive care to disease management.

A model that is responsive to global trends

We have clinically proven that Vitality members who actively use the program live longer and have lower health care costs than non-Vitality members.

In health insurance, integration with Vitality incentivizes healthier behavior and reduces health care costs. In life insurance, Vitality introduces dynamic underwriting rating factors through the measuring and tracking of wellness behavior.

These factors enable consumers to extract better value from their protection policy while at the same time the actuarial dynamics for the insurer are enhanced.

Vitality creates long-term value in the following areas:


It’s a wellness catalyst: people actively improve their health


It reduces the cost of insurance: modified lifestyle behavior positively impact health care costs as well as the mortality and morbidity experience in life insurance


Big data analytics are made possible: a wealth of wellness, credit card and health data enable a big data analytics advantage and insight into understanding how individuals respond to incentives and change their behavior


Integration between life insurance products and Vitality make dynamic underwriting possible: Vitality allows for an ongoing assessment of a policyholder’s risk over time and as a person engages with Vitality and becomes healthier, the risk to the insurer lowers.


Product integration offers more value to consumers: more efficiencies are created as the insurer is able to assess and price risk more accurately. Consumers gain more value as these efficiencies are passed onto them.


Change the way insurance works


Insurers traditionally use risk rating factors to access and underwrite risk. These include age, gender, socio-economic status as well as smoker status and medical history. These risk factors are mostly static and offer a limited view of a person’s risk. A person’s health behavior, however, provides a more accurate risk indication.

Vitality, with its 17 years of wellness experience, data and understanding of wellness behavior, adds an additional dynamic underwriting rating factor. It takes into account the impact of chronic diseases and lifestyle factors, such as smoking, level of exercise, diet, alcohol consumption, blood pressure and cholesterol on a person’s risk profile.

By integrating Vitality with insurance products, we have developed a scientific and dynamic underwriting model that uses high-quality data about a person’s health, wellness, credit card spend and driving behavior to assess their risk more accurately over time. This results in:

Better benefits
Lower and more accurate risk pricing
Better selection

Lower laps rates
Better mortality and morbidity experience

Vitality worldwide

Discovery’s unique wellness-integrated model was developed in South Africa, and is scalable and repeatable. The model has already manifested in the US, UK, China, Singapore and Australia.

How Vitality works

Better health in three easy steps

It uses knowledge and awareness tools, access to wellness partners, personalized wellness programs and lifestyle rewards to encourage people to form healthy lifestyle habits that will improve and keep them healthy.


Know your health


Improve your health


Enjoy the rewards


Latest news




Vitality is proud to announce our global partnership with three English Premier League teams – Manchester City, Arsenal, and Liverpool – to promote the ethos of healthy living which is synonymous with the Vitality brand.



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The report, highlights the current state of South African children’s health with reference to physical activity, healthy eating and maintaining a healthy weight.



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Vitality challenges you to use the power of the selfie to inspire healthy behaviors. Take a photo of yourself doing something healthy and share it with your social networks using the following hashtags: #Vitality #HealthySelfie


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